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Corporate Social Responsibility

Coporate responsibility is central to how we run our business: where we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, contribute to access to medicines and help tackle global health challenges, creat high quatlity empolyment oppurtunities, and remains commited to transparent reporting and being a responsible citizen.

XPH has actively engaged in social undertakings, putting public welfare above company profits during many emergencies and natural disasters including: 2003 SARS Outbreak ; 2004 Tsunami in Southeast Asia ; 2005 Floods in Nanyue ; 2008 - Southern Ice Disaster and Sichuan earthquake ; 2009 H1N1 pandemic  ; 2010 Southwest Extreme Drought

Expanding Public Health

XPH is dedicated to help prevent diseases, ease suffering and improve quality of life for people worldwide; we explore innovativve solutions for public health challenges, with the goal of making a transformative impact on community health. 

One such method involves sponsorship of sports activities, including implementation of our corpurate brand strategy in sponsorship of the Guangzhou Football Team, and becoming the exclusive sponsor of medicines for Guangzhou Asian Games, where XPH provided athletes, volunteers, staff, and Audience members with quality medication to ensure smooth and flu free games.

Environmental Sustainablility

XPH strive to make efficient use of natural resources and to minimize the environmental impact of our products and activities. Through utilization of solar energy, reduction of energy and water consumption, lowering of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, efficient product design, and investing in clean technologies.

XPH aims to drive sustainability in all aspects of our operations, minimize our impact on the environment, and creat a healthier and better tomorrow.

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