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Core Value of XPH
Core Value
of XPH
Cherish Life  Pursue Excellence  Lead Innovation
Cherish Life Pursue Excellence Lead Innovation
Love of Life, Respect in Creation, Care for Health, Aim at Absolute Perfection.
Business Philosophy
Business Philosophy
Pursue of excellence, Continuous Innovation; To promote development of the health care system through quality drugs and services.
Helping people everywhere live healthier and happier lives. 
To be an Industry Leader through exceptional Quatlity, Technology, Research, Development, Brand, and Scale.

We Seek Talent!

Our existing team is made up of industry leaders with a diverse background and a commitment to excel, and is the key component to our success. XPH strives as an equal opportunity employer where we respect on another, and are proud to offer competitive compensation packages to employees.  

We endeavor to provide a hiring and working experience in which all people feel they are equally respected and valued. Uniqueness is an asset! We encourage you to fill our our "application form" and apply to staff recruitment: [email protected]

Job Form

No. 2, Jinfengyuan Road, Science City,
Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone


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